Smart Paint 2 Remote Control for Blackmagic Designs Studio Cameras

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Product Description

Smart Paint

Smart Paint hardware features:
Fastest access to the most control. The choice for Live production.
24 high-resolution encoders with LED rings for ultimate control over your camera
20 illuminated buttons
All panel elements freely assignable.
Smart Paint is capable of controlling up to 16 cameras simultaneously.
Control panels can be cascaded to provide extra encoder and button access.

Features are:
A MASTER page that allows control of Iris, Pedestal, and Focus for 8 cameras at once.

MSU mode allows for detail control for each camera including:
– Y Gain
– Red Gain
– Green Gain
– Blue Gain
– Y Gamma
– Red Gamma
– Green Gamma
– Blue Gamma
– Y Pedestal
– Red Pedestal
– Green Pedestal
– Blue Pedestal
– Color Temperature
– Hue
– Saturation
– Gain db
– Shutter
– Course Iris
– Fine Iris
– Course Focus
– Fine Focus

Hardware Controls:
Programmable ip addresses for:
– SmartScope
– Videohub Router
– Smart Pain Camera Control Unit

Software Controls:
– SmartScope instant selection of Waveform, Vectorscope, Picture, Parade, Histogram and Audio.
– Control the individual Brightness, Contrast and Saturation of all of your Smart View monitors.
– Remote Control of ATEM AUX buss for previewing
– Remote Control of VIDEOHUB buss for previewing

Programmable IP addresses for:
– Smart Paint Camera Control Unit
– ATEM Switchers
– SmartScope and SmartView monitors
– Videohub routing switchers