Switchbox Wireless Fiber Relay System

  • $15,000.00
  • Save $10,000

Part 1

Handheld Camera and Operator

The Switchbox Wireless Fiber Relay System works most Sony, Panasonic, and JVC cameras with interchangeable B4 lenses.  The system has a gold mount or V-mount wireless transceiver for HDSDI, tally, camera control, and paint functions. The camera operator has a wireless beltpack for intercom allowing him to stay in contact while not being tethered to the camera.

Part 2

Fiber to Wireless Access Point

The wireless station typically lives on the sidelines at a stadium or near the event at other remote locations.  It includes the fiber adapter, an HD wireless receiver, and a data transceiver for tally and camera control.  The fiber system can be powered by SMPTE fiber or locally with a camera battery.  The HDSDI, intercom, tally and camera control signals can are interconnected and relayed, or can be broken out and distributed as desired.   The Wireless Access Point can be located several miles from the studio or production truck via the fiber link.

Part 3

Control Room

In the control room, the fiber optic receiver breaks out the HDSDI to the house distribution system and signals to an included base station for tally control and intercom. The RCP-02L remote control panel for iris control and color correction can be extended with 9 pin cable.